Comfort Pantries
'22 Student Project 
case study
User Experience, Web Design, Brand Identity
Mobile food pantry who caters to college students, homeless, and local residents.
There were times when it was difficult for me to simply acquire a meal while I was studying in Chicago. However, living in the city made me realize that there are individuals in far more dire situations than what I was facing. 
As designers and/or creatives, we are encouraged to use our voices, which, I guess, is to create something that will have a positive influence. So for my school project, I took the chance to seek out how I could promote opportunities and knowledge about food insecurity within my community.
Create/design a responsive website and brand for people seeking food information and volunteer opportunities from any device. 
Competitor analysis
user experience and research
I researched similar theme that followed my topic of humanitarian services and was able to see how they advertise and visually organized their businesses. As well as, potential demographic who are looking for volunteering options. 

use the warmth and change adjective

When drawing up the wireframes, I had to also consider how responsive the designs will be on mobile devices as well as different monitors.
Thought the process, I planned on these pages: home page, find food, volunteer page, and about page.
Design the site
Volunteer page
brand guidelines
Much thought went into this visual direction. The letter font is handwritten to create that sense of comfort.
Color and typography
In this project color was very important. I wanted to research what colors invoke the emotions of comfort, warmth as well as security.
Halcom thick symmetric strokes represent balance, good foundation vibes. The type is the primary and only type used across the website and branding.

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